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Welcome To Park Professional Eyecare

Are you looking for friendly and professional eye care in the Bronx? Look no further than Park Professional Eyecare!

We are proud to offer both basic and advanced eye care services for the entire family. If you’re looking for back-to-school exams, updates to your glasses or contact lens prescription, or treatment for pink eye or other common eye conditions, we’re here to help.

We also see eye care emergency patients and specialize in myopia management, ortho-k, and scleral contact lens fittings.

Our optical has a great selection of the latest stylish, durable, and comfortable frame designs from some of the most popular brands in eyewear today. Brands we offer include Tom Ford, Coach, and Fendi.

Our Eye Exams & Optometry Services

eye care services

Our eye clinic uses the latest technology to give you the best eye care. We stay up-to-date with the latest advances in patient care, and get to know each patient personally.

Many common eye diseases won’t show noticeable symptoms until damage is already done to your eyes. Prevent this by coming in for an eye exam with our friendly and professional optometrist in Bronx, New York.

Our Advanced Eye Care Services


Scleral lenses offer comfortable and clear vision even for those who may not otherwise be able to wear contacts because of conditions like keratoconus or severe dry eyes.

girl smiling wearing eyeglasses

Check out our newest collection of unique designs in a wide range of materials, colors and styles. Our trained and licensed opticians at Park Professional Eyecare are trained to properly fit your eyeglasses.


Myopia significantly increases the risk of developing sight-threatening eye diseases later in life. The higher your child’s myopia, the greater the risk.

Our Designer Eyeglasses Collections

Eye Exam Saves Woman’s Life by Detecting Brain Tumor Early

Here's how eye exams helped save Katie's vision and quality of life. Call Park Professional Eyecare to schedule your appointment.

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Preventing the Most Common Cause of Vision Loss Among the Elderly

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of permanent vision loss in people over the age of 60. The earlier the diagnosis, the better...

7 Eye Care Tips for the Holiday Season

Your eye experts at Park Professional Eyecare have compiled our top 7 tips for keeping your eyes healthy and safe this holiday season. Let us...
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