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What is ChromaGen?

ChromaGen lenses are an FDA approved product that were originally developed to treat color-blind individuals. In clinical trials 97% of color-blind participants reported a significant enhancement to their color vision. What was unanticipated though, was that the lenses also seemed to help them with their reading.

Looking to confirm these results, researchers developed more specific tests. One such study, which was carried out over an 18- month period and involved 434 children certified as dyslexics, confirmed that children using ChromaGen lenses had obtained very significant results which improved many different aspects of their lives.

What's more is that, research has shown that even those who are not dyslexic can benefit from filters when reading and that the filters can improve their speed and comprehension levels as well.

ChromaGen lenses have not only been shown to make reading and writing made easier, but even people with dyspraxia (clumsiness) have shown improved hand-eye coordination, as well as better handwriting and spelling. 

The ChromaGen lenses change the wavelength of light going into both your eyes allowing the speed of the information traveling along your brain’s neurological pathways to be balanced.

To learn more about ChromaGen lenses and whether or not they may be right for you schedule an appointment with Dr. Paternoster today!