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ADVANCED SERVICES AT Park Professional Eyecare

Our eye care center in Bronx offers a wide range of eye care services to people of all ages, from children to older adults. Our optometric team is dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy healthy eyes and clear vision so that you can live your best life. Whether you need a new pair of contacts, eyeglasses or require eye disease treatment, our Bronx optometric team provides cutting-edge eye and vision care.

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Bronx Eye Exams, Eye Emergencies & More

Our Park Professional Eyecare optometric team offers a large range of services so that you and your family can live their best life. We perform eye exams, emergency care, and manage a variety of ocular diseases. We also offer eyewear prescriptions and corrective laser eye surgery co-management. Learn more about some of our key services below.


If your child's prescription is rapidly deteriorating, we can help. We offer evidence-based treatment to prevent the onset or reduce the progression of myopia in pediatric patients.


Ortho-K, or orthokeratology, lenses are specialty rigid gas permeable contact lenses that reshape your corneas while you sleep. This temporarily corrects myopia and provides clear vision the next day. Ortho-K also slows the progression of myopia in children.


We provide custom-made scleral lenses for irregular corneas, dry eye, and other hard-to-fit patients for optimal vision and superior comfort.

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