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Spend Those Flex Spending Account Credits Before You Lose Them!

As the year's end approaches, so does the end of your flex spending dollars. If flex spending doesn't sound familiar to you, you probably don't have an FSA (or flex spending account) but you might want to confirm your health plan to make sure.

If you participate in a Flex Spending Account with a company benefits be sure to plan ahead. Many FSA's obligate you to spend all money you've contributed before January 1st or you will lose it!

You can use your FSA to really save on your optometry necessities. Comprehensive eye exams, glasses, contacts, even laser vision correction may all qualify for a refund. Be aware that some procedures, such as laser vision correction have advanced screening which could cause a delay so call us sooner than later.

Call us if you have questions about your eye and vision care benefits. Our Bronx, NY Eye Care Practice is here for you!


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