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Eye Safety in the Home


In recognition of Home and Sports Eye Safety Month, we've chosen to highlight ways to keep your home eye safe particularly when choosing eye safe toys. It's important to be proactive to guarantee your home is safe for your children's eyes.

Naturally, kids enter the world with an partially developed optical structure that grows with them. As part of standard baby optical development, newborns can see objects at close range only. All through their growing stages, kids are visually stimulated. Toys can be one of the fastest methods for stimulating a child's vision. However, at the same time, it's important to remember that a large number of childhood accidents occur at home, many with toys.

What's the simplest way to avoid accidents? Here are some simple tips for choosing toys for the house that are safe for your child's eyes.

First of all, ensure toys with long handles - such as sticks- aren't sharp-edged, and carefully monitor youngsters under two with such toys. Although building blocks are usually safe for almost all ages, it's best to make sure the edges are rounded, in order to reduce the risk of eye accidents. It's a good idea to stay away from shooting toys, such as slingshots or dart guns. In an instance where this is not possible, then use of these toys should be monitored by a responsible grown-up. When allowing older children to play with a chemistry set or woodworking tools, be sure he or she wears protective glasses.

What else can pose a problem in your house? Toys are only just the beginning. As a guardian to your children, it's your job to go through your home and make sure there's nothing that could threaten your children and their eyes. One of the most common dangers is chemicals that haven't been carefully put away. If youngsters can access these chemicals their eyes are at great risk.

Yes, toys can occasionally cause damage, but let's not overlook all of the benefits they offer. There are a number of age-appropriate toys for youngsters that offer great ways to stimulate visual development. When buying toys for youngsters, go for those that emphasize hand-eye coordination and will help youngsters to understand colors, shapes and space. It can also be a good idea to look on the Internet before making a purchase. This way you can ensure that your purchase is safe for your child's eyes and will enrich their optical development at the same time!